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On Sep 15, 2016 the Ontario government announced the expansion of its industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI), allowing any customers with peak loads over 1MW to significantly lower their electricity cost by reducing consumption during times of peak demand.

Generally, any building larger than 300,000 sqft will have a peak load over 1MW and be eligible for this program.

Ontario Global Adjustment 

All Energy users in Ontario pay a Global Adjustment fee which can account for up to 40%-60% of their bill. This fee is used to cover the difference between the market price and rates paid to regulated and contracted generators, and to pay for conservation and demand management programs. 


GA charges are calculated by looking at your total energy use as a share of the total energy use during the 5 hours of the year when the overall demand for electricity in Ontario is at its highest - known as the 5 coincident peaks.

In Ontario, customers participating in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) have the opportunity to significantly reduce their electricity costs by reducing consumption during times of peak demand. Currently, for every one MWh reduction in consumption during Ontario's five highest peaks a customer can save approximately $110,000 per year.

Forecasting GA periods has become more difficult due to increasingly volatile weather, embedded solar generation and changing consumer consumption patterns. Relying on spreadsheets, regression analysis and "gut" feel to predict when GA events will occur is becoming less accurate as the grid evolves and will not be feasible as a long term solution.   

Proven Software Performance

Peak has developed an industry leading software platform, Peak Synergy, to forecast Ontario's GA events and to optimize the operation of behind-the-meter energy storage systems.  Utilizing enormous amounts of data from numerous sources and combining it with the latest statistical methodologies, data analytics and machine learning methods gives Peak Power the unmatched ability to accurately forecast GA events and provide our clients with a scalable platform that can be relied on for the next 10-15 years as new revenue streams emerge.

Peak Power's software was successful in hitting all 10 GA peaks in Ontario with 95% accuracy over the past three years.

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