Kruger Energy Partners with Peak Power to Optimize VPP in New York

Three energy storage projects commissioned as part of a broader partnership for New York expansion and electrification

Kruger Energy Inc. and Peak Power today announced the successful commissioning of three behind-the-meter energy storage systems in New York State as part of a strategic partnership to expand into the New York distributed generation market, and explore business models in the electrification of trucking and industrial sectors.  Full Press Release

Peak Power announced as a finalist for Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada

Peak's V2G and Transactive project listed as one of 22 finalists

Peak Power's project in Toronto to develop vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and transactive energy capabilities has been listed as a finalist for NRCan's Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada Challenge. Read the full announcement here.

Peak Power featured on IESO's Inaugural #PoweringTomorrow podcast

Software is changing the way consumers interact with the grid

IESO's Vice President Terry Young speaks with Peak CEO Derek Lim Soo to talk about advancements in technology are creating opportunities for electricity consumers. Listen to the podcast here.

Driving Change: Transportation And Electric Utility Industries Will Soon Collide – In A Good Way

Peak's V2G project is featured in Forbes

Peak Power's vehicle-to-grid ("V2G") project in Toronto, "Peak Drive" has been featured in Forbes. Read the full article here.

Saturn Power to Partner with Peak Power on Software for Battery System in Ontario

Read the full release at the link below

Today, Peak Power announced a partnership with Saturn Power to provide software services for an upcoming energy storage project in Ontario. More on the partnership here.

Peak Power CEO Interviewed at Realcomm in Nashville

Watch the full video below

This past June, Peak was in Nashville attending the Realcomm conference. Peak CEO, Derek Lim Soo, had a chance to talk about Peak's vision for the energy sector, and what we are doing to achieve it. 

Peak Power enters the California Energy Storage Market

Diamond Generating Corporation has chosen Peak as their partner

Peak Power Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a contract by Diamond Generating Corporation to provide software services for a behind-the-meter energy storage system (1MW/4MWh) to be installed in San Diego, California.

Peak Power CEO, Derek Lim Soo, appearance on BNN Bloomberg

Power Shift: Energy storage systems to help ease peak demand

Derek Lim Soo, CEO, Peak Power Energy discusses its energy management system for commercial buildings that can predict periods of peak demand and storage energy to be used more cost-efficiently.

New York Battery energy storage system uses Artificial Intelligence to lower energy bills and provide utility grid services

GHP Realty, a division of Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC,

Peak Power Inc., a leading energy services provider, announced today that it has successfully completed the installation of 375 kW / 940 kWh of battery energy storage with GHP Realty, a division of Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC, at their headquarters at 4 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains, New York. This project was funded in part through an incentive from a Con Edison Energy Efficiency program.

Plugging in to the Benefits of Energy Storage

Starlight Investments

Starlight Investments, a privately held Canadian real estate asset management company with more than 36,000 multi-residential units across North America. In August, Starlight announced it had partnered with Peak Power Inc., an energy storage service provider, to install up to 2350kW / 4700kWh of energy storage systems. Used to target Ontario peak demand charges at Bloor Islington Place in Toronto, the behind-the-meter battery systems reached commercial operation earlier this year and are on their way to generating a projected electricity bill savings up to 15 per cent.

Report on Canada: Peak Power

Forbes Japan

Peak Power Inc. CEO Derek Lim Soo, former GE engineer, started his company to provide software service to optimize electric power consumption during the peak hours and save power with the AI technology. David Thomson, a Canadian media magnate, has invested in and assists in finding users of its service. Initially Soo worked at MaRS as a start-up mentor and started up his own venture company.

Peak Power to deploy 2350kW / 4700 kWh of energy storage systems with Starlight Investments to target rising Ontario Global Adjustment Charges


TORONTO, Aug. 9, 2018 /CNW/ - Peak Power Inc., a leading technology services provider for the distributed energy resources market, announced today that it has signed an agreement to install up to 2350kW / 4700kWh of energy storage systems to target Ontario peak demand charges with Starlight Investments at Bloor Islington Place located at 3300 Bloor Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

Lockheed Martin to deliver 17 MWh of GRIDSTAR™ lithium ion energy strorage systems to Peak Power Inc


Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) signed an agreement to supply approximately 17 MWh of GridStar™ Lithium energy storage systems to Peak Power Inc., a North American energy storage services provider. The units will be installed in Ontario, Canada, and along the East Coast of the United States.

Canadian energy storage startups get global traction

The Globe and Mail

Something unexpected is happening in India. Utilities that used to sign 25-year contracts to purchase coal-based electricity are beginning to get nervous.
They're still buying the dirty power. The difference now is that they won't get locked into a contract longer than 10 years, believing that energy storage combined with inexpensive solar and wind power will soon become more economical than the coal-fired equivalent.

Expert Panel discusses the future of the energy workforce

Ryerson Centre for Urban Energy

Is the utility sector prepared to serve increasingly demanding customers, survive the age of competition and address technological change? This was the driving question of the MaRS Discovery District’s (MaRSDD), Future of Work: Building the New Energy Workforce panel, held June 23 at the MaRSDD auditorium.

Peak Power partners with BGIS to target booming energy storage market in North America


Peak Power, an energy storage services provider that has developed intelligent software controls to optimize the operation of the system, today announced their partnership agreement with BGIS, Canada's leading real estate management services provider, to offer energy storage services to their clients to help them reduce their electricity costs. Battery energy storage, when controlled through Peak Power's proprietary SynergyTM intelligent software platform, has the ability to provide multiple benefits to building owners including increased resiliency, improved environmental performance, electricity bill savings, as well as additional revenues from participation in utility programs.

New MaRS Partnership will Foster Cleantech Growth


MaRS is back at it again with another international partnership, this time with a rising tech hub in the U.S.

The Toronto-located MaRS Discovery District announced a partnership with Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech incubator in the U.S., located just outside of Boston in Somerville. The new relationship between the two innovation hubs will allow cleantech companies in each city to enter the other’s respective market and scale.

Peak Power’s energy storage and savings system

Real Estate news Exchange (RenX)

Peak Power Inc. is receiving support from the private and public sectors for its platform to optimize energy storage systems to maximize benefits for building owners and utilities.

Peak Power Synergy™ Platform to be deployed on 6 MWh of Customer Sited Energy Storage Systems in Ontario and New York


Peak Power Inc., a leading energy storage service provider, announced today that it has been selected to receive $1.9M of funding from SDTC to support the scale up of their Peak SYNERGYTM controls platform across six (6) customer sited energy storage projects in Ontario, Canada and New York, USA.  The total value of project is $5.4M. 

Investments made in Ontario will lead to cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies


Ontarians will benefit from new jobs created by innovations that power electric vehicles and reduce plastics in the environment, thanks to a $15.5-million investment by the Government of Canada.

This investment in six Toronto-area companies will create well-paying middle-class jobs as a result of the new business opportunities generated by the development of technologies that lead to less pollution and healthier communities.

Thomson Reuters chair invests in energy storage technology from Peak Power

Canadian Green Tech

Energy storage company Peak Power Inc. has secured an undisclosed investment from Osmington Inc., a commercial real estate company controlled by Thomson Reuters chair David Thomson.

Peak Power receives strategic investment from Osmington Inc. to target booming energy storage industry


Peak Power Inc., a leading energy storage service provider, announced today a strategic investment from Osmington Inc., that will support the scale up of the Company's North American growth plans for the energy storage market.

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