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Peak Power has successfully deployed energy storage projects in both Ontario and New York.  The energy storage assets have been successfully used to reduce coincident peak demand, participate in the wholesale market and engage in demand response programs.


Bloor Islington Place

Capacity and Size: 470kW/940kWh

ESU: Lockheed Martin - Gridstar Lithium 

COD: August 2018

Customer:  Starlight Investments

Located at the West End of Toronto, this modern office building was an ideal candidate to install an energy storage system.  After commissioning the energy storage unit, the building owner sees a reduced energy bill while helping to reduce the grid's Greenhouse Gas impact.  Phase II of this project will have an additional 1.5 MW / 3 MWh Energy Storage System installed. 

"Innovative technology such as energy storage and Peak Power's software are providing options to building owners for better ways to manage our day-to-day energy needs," 

Perry Rose, Executive Director, Procurement and Technical Services of Starlight investments.


Thomson Building

Capacity and Size: 62.5 kW/210 kWh ESS                                                            30 kW/50 kWh V2G

ESU: Tesla - Power Pack, Nissan Leaf

COD: August 2018 ESS, January 2019 V2G

Region: Ontario

Peak's flagship Energy Storage System can be found in the Thomson Building in downtown Toronto - just minutes from Peak's headquarters. This showcase system uses an electric vehicle and energy storage system to reduce the customer’s demand charges.  In addition, this location will continue to be a flagship site for deploying Peak's new products. 


401 The West Mall

Capacity and Size: 470kW/940kWh

ESU: Lockheed Martin - Gridstar Lithium 

COD: August 2018

Customer: Slate Asset Management

This commercial office building located in Etobicoke has an Energy Storage System installed to lower electricity bills through participating in Demand Response programs, Peak Shaving and Global Adjustment reduction. Please visit our Global Adjustment page for a brief overview and the impact it can have on a customer's utility bill in Ontario.  Phase II of this project will have an additional 0.5MW / 1MWh Energy Storage System installed.


4 West Red Oak Lane

Capacity and Size: 375kW/940kWh

ESU: Lockheed Martin - Gridstar Lithium 

COD: September 2018

Customer: GHP Realty

This commercial office building is located in Harrison, NY (Westchester County) and is enrolled in the Con Edison Demand Management Program.  This project represents one of the largest energy storage installations in a commercial building in New York.

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 “We have been extremely impressed with Peak Power’s capabilities and the simplicity of the overall process.”

Michael Cinicolo, VP Property Management and Construction.

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